Rancona Dimension Gives Easy Disease Protection

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Making the change to an easier to use seed treatment to combat rhizoctonia and reduce handling issues at seeding has paid off for Gerard and Mark Paganoni on their mixed farming operation at Broomehill in WA. 

Gerard Paganoni and his family have farmed in Broomehill for 28 years with a 60:40 ratio of cropping to sheep. The cropping program of approximately 2,600 hectares consists of 2,100 hectares of cereals with a balance of lupins and canola on the rest. 

A few years ago the Paganoni’s started using Rancona® Dimensionon their wheat and barley seed to combat rhizoctonia disease. 

“We identified rhizoctonia as an issue through Predicta-B soil testing,” said Gerard, “but we also need to protect against smut and bunt disease each year as well.” 

“Rhizoctonia becomes more prevalent in dry summer– autumn periods, and with earlier sowings Rancona Dimension is a great tool for us to combat rhizoctonia.” 

The Paganoni’s apply Rancona Dimension to cereal seed at 3.2 L/Mt, and one or two fungicidal sprays are generally applied later on in the season to manage foliar diseases. 

“We started using Rancona Dimension to replace a competitor product which was very sticky and caused handling issues at seeding,” said Gerard. 

“I have a great appreciation for my seeding staff who regularly check equipment,” he added, “and based on their feedback I have every confidence in Rancona Dimension being an easier product to use.” 

“Not only has Rancona Dimension solved our crop disease issue, but the treated seed flows much better and handles really well compared to other products we’ve used.” 

“I’m very happy with the results and can recommend it for anyone looking for an easy-to-use seed treatment that works across a number of diseases,” he said. “It’s an obvious choice.” 

Rancona Dimension seed treatment is based on two active fungicides - 25g/L ipconazole and 20g/L metalaxyl. It provides smut and bunt control, pythium control and suppression of crown rot and rhizoctonia when applied to wheat and barley seed at the recommended rate. 

Its unique micro-emulsion formulation provides extremely low dust off at application and easy clean