Get your pulses racing

Evershield is highly effective against seed-borne and seedling root pathogens of pulse crops, with no adverse effect on seed viability or seedling vigour.

Protection is offered against pathogens such as black spot, Fusarium spp. and Botrytis cinerea already present in the seed, as well as giving early protection from any external infection from black spot.


  • Effective control of seed borne diseases
  • No adverse effect on seed viability or seedling vigour for up to 15 months after application
  • Dual fungicide action for broader disease spectrum and resistance management
Crops Targets
Chickpeas Ascochyta, ascochyta blight, botrytis seed rot, seedling root rots
Faba beans Seedling root rots
Lentils Ascochyta blight, seedling root rots
Peas Black spot, seedling root rots
Vetch Seedling root rots
Type Fungicide
Active ingredient 360 g/L THIRAM, 200 g/L THIBENDAZOLE
Formulation Suspension concentrate
Pack size 20 L
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