Unbeatable protection for lupins and chickpeas

The first flowable thiram seed treatment for use on chickpeas, Thiram provides protection against diseases such as damping off and grey mould.

Thiraflo is a broad-spectrum flowable seed treatment fungicide that contains the active ingredient thiram. It is registered for the control of damping off (Pythium sp.) as well as other seed and soil-borne diseases of chickpea including grey mould (Botrytis cinerea).

Increases establishment of chickpeas

Where there are inadequate crop rotations, Pythium and other root rots may build up in the soil. If chickpeas are then sown, the roots can be infected, thereby causing emergence problems. Chickpeas are most susceptible to Pythium between sowing and emergence. Additionally, seed and soil can be infected with the fungus Botrytis cinerea (grey mould) and this can attack the plant, causing the base of the chickpea stem to rot and eventually resulting in death of the plant. Thiraflo acts to control and protect the plant from all of these diseases and thus to increase the early establishment of the chickpea crop.

Controls anthracnose in lupins

Anthracnose is a serious disease of lupins, which can severely reduce yields. Seed-borne anthracnose can be readily controlled by applying Thiraflo to the seed. Thiraflo is compatible with Sumisclex, and the two can be used together for combined control of anthracnose and brown leaf spot.

Improves yield of chickpeas and lupins

Good crop establishment leads to better crop growth and therefore increased yields. Control of the diseases that hinder plant growth is effective when Thiraflo is used, even under conditions favourable for disease development.

Superior flowable formulation

Thiraflo was the first flowable thiram seed treatment for use on chickpeas. The active ingredient, thiram, is suspended in a water-soluble formulation. This formulation has several advantages over the wettable powder:

  • Easier to handle and calibrate.
  • Skin irritation to the user is reduced with a suspension concentrate (less dust arises from the liquid compared with a powder).
  • Increased adherence to the seed.
  • Better seed coverage, especially if water is added.
  • Reduced dust conditions at treatment and sowing.
  • Easy cleaning of equipment.
  • Contains a blue pigment to identify the seed treatment on the seed.

Inoculum friendly

Chickpea seedling nodulation has been found to be adequate where Thiraflo was applied to the seed prior to the application of inoculum. For best results, Thiraflo must dry on the seed before inoculum is applied. Sow seed as soon as possible after inoculating into a moist seedbed.



Crops Targets
Chickpeas Ascochyta, ascochyta blight, damping off, grey mould
Lupins Anthracnose
Sorghum Export requirements, seedling decay complex
Type Fungicide
Active ingredient 600 g/L THIRAM
Formulation Suspension concentrate
Pack size 20 L
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