Rancona Dimension continues to deliver for WA farmers

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Increasing levels of root disease in cereals in recent years, including crown rot at low levels in many WA wheat crops, means managing these diseases and using relevant seed treatments is a real consideration.

Esperance farmer, Stewart Wallace of Wallbrook Farms, had local Hannaford franchisee Simon Roper apply Rancona Dimension seed treatment for the first time this season.

Stewart farms 6,700 hectares in the Esperance region, cropping 5,300 hectares in a wheat/barley/canola rotation. He also runs 4,500 breeding ewes and 220 breeding cattle on the remaining 1,400 hectares.

Stewart decided to use Rancona Dimension this season because of previous crown rot in his wheat, particularly in the Mace variety. Rancona Dimension was applied at the recommended rate of 3.2L/T to target both crown rot and rhizoctonia.

"The main issue we had was crown rot in wheat in our three crop rotation and Rancona Dimension has helped us in managing this issue," said Stewart. "We had a lot less crown rot in the wheat and better yields when using Rancona Dimension."

Rancona Dimension seed treatment is based on two active fungicides - 25g/L ipconazole and 20g/L metalaxyl. It provides smut and bunt control, pythium control and suppression of crown rot and rhizoctonia when applied to wheat, barley and oat seed at the recommended rate.

Its unique micro-emulsion (ME) formulation provides extremely low dust off at application and easy clean down of machinery compared to other products.

As a result of using Rancona Dimension, Stewart also found that it kept his rhizoctonia in check, and that there was less dust at seeding time compared to other seed treatment products he's used.

"Rancona Dimension is a good product to apply and use, and it's allowing us to achieve what I want to in reducing crown rot and rhizoctonia in my wheat crops," he said.

If you have crown rot or rhizoctonia what yield might you be sacrificing? If these diseases were evident this year, consider using Rancona Dimension next season or resting the paddock from cereals.