Introducing Geoff and Kym Edwards

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hannaford welcomes Geoff and Kym Edwards as the new seed treatment specialist in the Ballarat, Ararat, Lismore and Clunes areas.

Geoff and Kym Edwards took over Hannaford Seedmaster Services Ballarat and Districts in 2017. They are enjoying meeting and working with farmers in the region.

Prior to taking on the franchise this year Geoff, Kym and their children relocated back to the Haddon-Smythesdale area after a stint in Cairns, returning home to be closer to their families.

The Hannaford seed grading business has been operated by Kym's side of the family in the area for over a decade.

This transition provides both continuity of service along with a wealth of valuable information, knowledge and history of local farmers and their seed grading and protection needs.

Geoff is a trade-qualified boilermaker with over 25 years experience and has performed maintenance on the seed grader over the past few years, providing great experience with the operational requirements of the equipment.

"Having already worked with the equipment has shown us the importance of consistently maintaining and fine-tuning the machinery throughout the season for peak performance," said Geoff.

Integrity and accountability are values that Geoff and Kym hold very strong. "We consider communication and reliability to be significant factors in the relationship we have with the farmers we work with," said Kym.

"We're excited about continuing the long standing reputation Hannafords has with farmers throughout Australia," said Geoff.

"We encourage farmers to take advantage of the Hannaford seed germination testing service this season, which is free for Hannaford customers," they said.

"Just take a sample, ideally before you grade or treat, and we'll check the viability of your seed for this year's planting." Geoff and Kym look forward to assisting you with your seed grading and seed treatment needs this season.

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