Rancona Dimension still a hit in cereal crops

Thursday, November 22, 2018

In 2014 Roger Baines went looking for solutions for the bare patches appearing in his wheat and barley crops. Four years later, he stands by the product that’s helped solve his problem.

​Baines Bros Farms in Cummins South Australia is a mixed farming enterprise of 1,000 ha cropping and 3,000 breeding merino ewes. Roger grows wheat, barley and canola on sand over clay soils in a pasture-crop rotation.

Roger sows his wheat at 80-100kg/ha and barley at 80- 85kg/ha on a 305mm (12”) row spacing with an Ausplow DBS. This year he had Gilbert Turner of HSS Eastern Eyre Peninsula treat his wheat and barley seed with Rancona® Dimension at 3.2L/T; Zincflo® Plus at 3.0L/T; and Guardian® at 2.0L/T.

Roger started using Rancona Dimension following advice from Hannaford agronomist Gary Hamdorf back in 2014. As a result he’s noticed less bare patches and overall less disease in his wheat and barley crops.

“The main issue we had was bare patches in wheat and barley in our pasture-crop rotation and Rancona Dimension has helped us in managing and reducing the problem.”

“Rancona Dimension is a very good product,” he said. “It’s a lot better to use than the older products, and you can see the results.”

For more information on Rancona Dimension contact your local Hannaford Seed Protection Specialist – www.hannafords.com

Rancona Dimension seed treatment is based on two active fungicides - 25g/L ipconazole and 20g/L metalaxyl. It provides smut and bunt control, pythium control and suppression of crown rot and rhizoctonia when applied to wheat and barley seed at the recommended rate.

Its unique micro-emulsion (ME) formulation provides extremely low dust off at application and easy clean down of machinery compared to other products.

“A bonus of using Rancona Dimension is it handles better than other products. There’s also less dust at sowing time when filling our DBS.”

Applying Zincflo Plus seed treatment in combination with Rancona Dimension means Roger is providing his crop with an improved ability to resist attack by rhizoctonia, and therefore helping to reduce yield loss.

Zinc is an essential micronutrient that enhances disease resistance and improves plant vigour. Adequate zinc levels in the plant have shown to reduce the impact of rhizoctonia.

If you’re looking for a solution to your bare patches from rhizoctonia this season, consider using Rancona Dimension in your cereal crops.