Vitavax 200FF

The world's leading seed treatment

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Active ingredient: 200 g/L CARBOXIN, 200 g/L THIRAM

Active against: Covered smut/Bunt (wheat), Loose smut (wheat), Flag smut (wheat), Covered smut (barley), Loose smut (barley), Covered smut (oats), Loose smut (oats), Loose smut (triticale), Flag smut (triticale)

Crops: Wheat, Barley, Oats, Triticale

The world's leading seed treatment, providing effective control of common seed and seedling diseases. More than 600 field tests around the world have shown average yield increases of around 10%.

Vitavax 200FF features:

Vitavax 200FF Trials — Emergence counts, 2001

Emergence counts for Coolamon, NSW Emergence counts for Junee, NSW Emergence counts for Quambatook, Vic Emergence counts for Victoria Emergence Counts for WA Emergence Counts for SA

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